Help for Payments

The library system allows payment for the services it provides The Research Library of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice users through the GoPay payment gateway, ie payment for online services.

The user can make two types of payment

  1. Debt payment, incurred by the user for the service JVK Ceské Budejovice (delayled payment, handling fee for booking, damages for loss or damage to the document, etc.)
  2. Deposit of the amount to the financial account held in JVK Ceské Budejovice

In order for the user to make the payment, he/she must have a bank account, which allows online payments to be made, and the amount the user pays for must be available on this account.

The user must be registered in?JVK Ceské Budejovice and must have at the time of payment a valid registration.

Payments are made via payment gateway GoPay.


How to pay online

  1. Sign into your account in the online catalog.

    Online payments are available after logging in on the tab Account / choice Payments

    Bookmark Platby

    Showing the status of the financial account and the amount of the debt, the possibility of online deposit on a financial account and payment of the debt online or from credit.

    Bookmark Historie online plateb

    an overview of all online reader payments and credit debt payments


    or after logging in on the tab Account / choice Transaction, bookmark Souhrn


    Amounts due can also be paid on the tab Account / choice Transaction, bookmark Dluhy


  2. Click on the link Zaplatit dluh online or Vložit you will be redirected to the GoPay payment gateway.


    Fill in the required information and click the button "Pay?"



  3. The payment information will be processed by your account in the online library catalog within seconds. You can see the status of your account on the tab Account / volba Payments / z?o?ka Historie online plateb.

    Note: You'll also see declined or unfinished payments with matching information in the column [?TX_PAY_STATUS]

    Historie online plateb