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Sidney Sime

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     Heneage, Simon - Autor
    London : Thames and Hudson, 1980 - 96 s. : il.
    ISBN 0-500-27154-2
      Ford, Henry - Jiná role
    SignaturaB 27.720

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    B 27.7202680264351LidickáSkladDoba výp. 30 dní
    Údaje o názvuSidney Sime : master of the mysterious
    Osobní jméno Heneage, Simon (Autor)
    Vyd.údajeLondon : Thames and Hudson, 1980
    Dal.odpovědnost Ford, Henry (Jiná role)
    Země vyd.Velká Británie
    Jazyk dok.angličtina
    Druh dok.KNIHY
    Sidney Sime (1867-1941) was an artist whose best work was comparable to that of Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Rackham and Kay Nielsen. His mysterious and fantastic illustrations were published in the well-known weekly and monthly magazines of the turn of the century such as 'the "Strand', "Pall Mall,' and the 'Idler,' and were considered sensational at the time. He was also a graphic humorist, theater designer and book illustrator whose long and harmonious collaboration with Lord Dunsany, the Irish story-teller and playwright, was uniquely creative. Sime had a meteoric career...he rose from pit-boy to artist in the space of a few years...and made his name in London largely as an illustrator though he was also a painter of distinction. Among his friends and colleagues were Augustus John, Max Beerbohm and Frank Harris. In the latter part of his life, however, he disappeared from public view, becoming a recluse in his country house in Surrey. Zdroj anotace: Web obalkyknih.cz

Počet záznamů: 1