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Elementary task listening

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     St Clair Stokes, Jacqueline, 1952- - Autor
    Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1984 - iv, 44 s. : il.
    ISBN 0-521-27578-4 (brož.)
     angličtina  poslech (lingvistika)
    SignaturaC 338.534
    Umístění 811.111 - Angličtina
    Elementary task listening
    PobočkaKde najdu?InfoSignatura
    Lidická ( příruční sklad )k vypůjčeníC 338.534   

    Údaje o názvuElementary task listening. Student's book / Jacqueline St Clair Stokes
    Osobní jméno St Clair Stokes, Jacqueline, 1952- (Autor)
    Vyd.údajeCambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1984
    Fyz.popisiv, 44 s. : il.
    ISBN0-521-27578-4 (brož.)
    PoznámkyTenth printing 1993
    Předmět.hesla angličtina * poslech (lingvistika)
    Forma, žánr příručky
    Konspekt811.111 - Angličtina
    MDT 81'23 , 811.111 , (035)
    Země vyd.Velká Británie
    Jazyk dok.angličtina
    Ve volném výběru811.111 - Angličtina
    Druh dok.KNIHY
    Elementary Task Listening is for elementary and lower-intermediate students who need to understand English as it is spoken both in the UK and in a wider international context. The approach is similar to that of Task Listening. The twenty-one units contain: - Short recordings of authentic speech in simulated situations - A variety of accents, both native-speaker and foreign - Simple tasks with clear illustrations, which encourage students to sift out the essential information from what they hear - Thematically linked reading and writing exercises - Topics related to the real-life needs and interests of students and, by extension, to the topics covered by most beginners' courses (e.g. shopping, travelling etc.). Zdroj anotace: Web obalkyknih.cz

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